The great job hunt

The Great Job Hunt
looking.... As has been said above (briefly) I was also looking for a job, I should have been working (post degree) in Essex, still that wasn’t to be and so I found myself (rather urgently) looking for a job.

So I did the old-fashioned and as it happens foolish thing of sending my CV to anyone that looked even vaguely interested, begging them to pay me money. To my surprise, some of them replied and even offered me interviews…

Wehey! Thinks I, and then I look at the dates for said interviews and locations, Hmm, thinks I….

Interview 1: Monday 10am. Cambridge
Interview 2: Tuesday 10am. London (South)
Interview 3: Thursday 2pm. Edinburgh
Interview 4: Friday 10am. Leicester

One thing should be mentioned now, when I asked for interviews I specifically said that, whilst I would attempt to make any time and date, I preferred something which took into account the fact that I live(d) in Manchester.

The award for geography goes to the London interview… A brief transcript follows…. (names have been withheld for obvious reasons ;)

“Good Afternoon may I speak to Mr Taylor”
“Hello my name is xxx from xxx, we’d like to invite you to a job interview”
“Thats nice, Thanks…”
“OK, it says here that you live in Manchester is this correct?”
“Yes, thats right, I live in Manchester”
“In that case, we’ll make it a late start to give you time to pop down”
“Yes, that would be helpfull… ”
“Shall we say 10am?”

OK, now I know that London is the capital, and that most people that live there probably don’t leave much. BUT does this woman have ANY Idea where Manchester is?, south London for 10 AM?, yeah sure, Manchester’s just off the northern line…

I wonder if these people realise that the “Picadilly” station in Manchester is NOT the same one as is in London, and that NOT Everyone lives in LONDON!!… Sorry. Rant Over.

That means that, given Billing is that weekend I have to travel from 1 (starting point) to 2 Cambridge, 3 London, 1 Home again, 4 Edinburgh, 1 Home Again, 5 Leicester and finally to 6

I briefly toyed with the idea of taking Petro… But at a maximum of 50mph, spending 24 hours driving, I also would have had to fill up about 10 – 12 times, and would also have spent around £300 I didn’t have on petrol.

So I borrowed a car :) (Colin to the rescue again)

This was the Billing where I got the welder, and surprisingly enough was feeling a little vacant. (the world didn’t vibrate gently and move past at 70+ mph like I was used to).

A big round of applause goes to Frank (and his lovely wife) who fed me doughnuts down at billing until my parents turned up. Needless to say I was feeling a little bit tired by this point, but had managed to acquire myself a job (The Edinburgh one was offered to me on the spot and looked fun)