Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!

Mud Mud Mud!

Well, Gosh, Boy, Wow and other silly noises, what a month that was. Got to go playing in it too so that is nice :)

Weel, where to start? It was, many moons ago on one of the many trips to see a certain Mr Stuart ( hence forth known as Grumblesmurf ) that I mentioned what a pleasent and silly thing the war of the roses was, since it tasked the drivers as oppose to the vehicles. Ian agreed, despite the fact that he had never been, displayed what can only be describled as a modicre of curiosity and a bizzare desire to take part. Anyhow I can’t exactly remember what happened next ( although I suspect that it involved Pizza since my better judgment had evidently been comprimised like it usually does in those heighty pepperoni induced hazy moments ) but I do seem to somehow have been roped into organising our own version of it, to be held on a sunny Scottish Hillside and named ( after a little deliberation ) the “Scottish Skirmish”

And so it was, after months of preperation and silly ness the event itself occured. I shan’t go into a great deal of detail here, since this is Petro’s page, and whilst Petro was a star in some of it, He was, Alas not a star of all of it. Besides I am undoubtedly likely to become excpeptionally boring if I get onto that rant, needless to say that the event required Grumblesmurf ( nee Ian), Ian2, a Bob Webster and myself organising and spending a good portion of Saturday setting up said event. Since this involved two Ians, well an Ian and a Grumblesmurf formally known as Ian, Grumblesmurf was renamed Susan, this removed all confusion and made addressing people much easier. (although it did require a little explanation to brother who had also popped along to help )

Ian, Susan ( nee The Grumblesmurf formally known as Ian ), Colin, Colin’s SWMBO ( also known as Helena, H, Ginge, or “Brick Baker”) and myself were playing on the saturday up on Bathgate Hill and things were going well…

Until another Ian turned up, at which point we had Ian, Valerie ( formally known as Ian ), Susan ( formally known as the grumblesmurf formally known as Ian ), Spud ( formally known as Colin ), Stop hitting me I insult everyones cooking ( formally known as Helena ) and myself. now setting out the day.

Things then got confusing when Ian turned up and offered to help….

Anyhow, straying back to the Story. Ian, Ian, Valerie ( formally known as Ian ), Susan ( formally known as the grumbelsmurf formally known as Ian ) were off playing at an auto trial, whilst Spud, alright alright your cooking is wonderfull and myself were left to make a bog rather more boggy.

There were two ways we could have done that. One involved spades, the other involved dring through a huge muddy puddle at speed.

So anyway, whilst driving at great speed through this muddy puddle I managed to catch a reasonably bouncy bit on the way back up. Petro kinda landed with a wee bit of a bump. ( Which, incedently can be seen in this lovely video flimed ( and yes I mean flimed not filmed ) by Spud which you can all watch here ) and the bumper ended up at an interesting angle. The angle and the reason can be seen in the photos which are dangling around this page some where :) Incidently the arrows in the second photo point to where I managed to snap the front dumb iron across three sides >sheepish grin<.

Anyway, Ian ( nee Susan, Nee Grumblesmurf, nee Ian ) , the wonderous person that he is offered some assistance and we managed to get Petro home, awaiting as they say parts. The following weekend said parts were fitted ( i.e. a new dumb iron ).

Thats about it… next stop MOT Number 3 :(