Doom Gloom no Vroom

Erk, Eek, Waah and other general noises of non merryment

It has been a long time, and no updates have occured. You all have my sympathies but with a job that’s going the way of the dodo and a social life that would make a hermit feel lonely there is only so much sympathy I can offer to hand out.

Ps. On that note, anyone who wants to hire a seasoned and rather bitter software engineer with great skills in html, css, xml, javascript, c, c++, SOAP, linux, networking and generally being taken advantage of, well you know where to look….

Since last time I bothered to update this much has occured, much in the way of jubilation has failed to occur, nor has much that didn’t suck mightily.

So let’s travel back into time to a few months ago, again I can’t afford the special effects, and to be honest I’m no longer convinced I can drum up your imagination.. So erm, here we are.

There is, as there has been before a trial on at Dunbar, home of the much cheery Alex Scott and family and friends to Susan. As is becoming customary in these situations I am invited along to help, although quite why they invite me considering all I’ve managed to do of merit is break Petrovich several times and drive over Susan is another matter. Perhaps they feel sorry for me, perhaps it’s care in the community… Who knows…

Anyhow, things are progressing reasonably well as I potter in the direction of Alex’s, however Petro is making hot smells from the engine department and the temperature gauge that usually sat at “hot” was sat somewhere in the “hotter” region so I was gradually coming to the conclusion that there was soemthing wrong with it other than the gauge being pooched.

After pottering around Alex’s for a day we change the thermostat, as the radiator is red hot at the top, and cold at the bottom. I am then on my merry way home.

However, on the way home things seem to be goiung well untill the engine makes a variety of clunk clunk splunk noises, and then stalls. I’m used to the engine stalling, but not often at 50mph on the bypass. I glide to the side of the road and in a state of serious distress ring Ian. Promptly ruining his plans for a saturday night.

We tow the thing back to Ian’s and do some poking and the rest, eventually abandoning the thing as we play on sunday, and then again on sunday night as we’re both tired and have work. Ian gives me a lift home and I leave the motor in his garage awaiting diagnosis.

Ian strips the head down and discovers that it is indeed cracked. He’s checked the waterflow through the engine and so on and that seems OK, so with head firmly held in my hands and with much in the way of girl like tears I get hold of a new cylinder head. I also get hold of a new radiator and a variety of other bits and bobs in order to make some reperation to the gods of land rover karma.

An exceptionally long and tiresome weekend later and I’ve relapped the valves (golly that was boring) and rebuilt the engine. It finally starts and I get to drive home, albeit slowly and rather cautiously. I keep stopping every now and then to check the temperature of things, but alas things are still getting hot at the top and cold at the bottom. About half way home I discover something quite entertaining. Actually, I discover three things. 1: the engine is still overheating. 2: The radiator cap on the series three radiator has a safety stop in a diiferent place to a series 2 one. and finally 3: Taking a bath in boiling hot water and scalding my arm, hand and face is jolly painfull. Nearly as painfull as typing with a broken thumb.

Anyhow, after much deliberation and attempts to persuade myself otherwise we finally take the thermostat out, and touch wood things have been reasonable since. The Radiator seems to get hot all the way down and the temperature gauge doesn’t hit hot anymore. However I still need to fit a stat, and am kinda expecting all the problems to return when I do so. Well, ho hum as the expression goes.

A week or two later, and it’s leaking water, still doesn’t have a thermostat in it. Still I think I know where the water is coming from and with any luck a touch of ptfe tape will cure that one ( I think it’s coming from the temperature sender )… I shall do this when I fit the stat methinks. As work allows.